World Oceans Day 2022

We know that the oceans are extremely important for life on Earth. It is not for nothing that we have launched the Voice of the Oceans expedition with the aim of protecting this blue asset. Every year, about 11 million tons of plastic currently enter the oceans, and this number could triple by 2040 if nothing is done. We must act now to reverse this scenario.

We are in Ocean Week, where we are stepping up our mission of awareness and social engagement through a series of special campaigns. And we have started on time!

Special actions

On May 31, also motivated by World Environment Day (June 5), the UN Environment Program gathered its international partners for a debate on possible solutions for the recovery and conservation of our water planet. Representing Brazil and Latin America, David Schurmann, CEO of Voz dos Oceanos, presented the initial results of our expedition and highlighted solutions that have been – and continue to be – found in the destinations we visited.

On June 1, we held a press conference and event in Miami with opinion leaders from the city and began our journey along the East Coast of the United States. Shortly after, David and Heloisa Schurmann connected with Brazil and participated live in the opening of Marina Week 2022. Back in Brazil, David attended the Bienal do Lixo at Parque Vila Lobos on June 4 and the Marina Week Documentarists Meeting at the Latin America Memorial, both in São Paulo.

To highlight the need to rethink and change our consumption habits and to draw attention to the importance of proper waste management, we launched a series of beach cleanups in South Florida in Miami, with significant support from the Mulheres do Brasil group. On June 5, our crew and volunteers conducted this effort at Hobie Island Beach Park North with support from Plastic Fisherman. On June 8, World Oceans Day, Voice of the Oceans is leading a cleanup in South Beach as part of the Great Embrace of the Oceans promoted by our partner Route Brasil. This action will also take place in Rio de Janeiro, with the participation of our team and partners, and in Lisbon.

Social networks full of content

In our social networks there will be special content that can help educate and raise awareness about ocean conservation. Oceanic culture will be the highlight in the series of posts, collaborations and lives planned for the whole week. The wave of change is collective and we have special actions with partners, influencers and opinion leaders to expand the voices defending our oceans! Stay tuned to our networks, follow us and share our special content.

Be the voice of the oceans too!

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