Voice of the Oceans



Voice of the Oceans and Spin have joined forces in a global search to offer solutions for the Polymer Industries and its value chain.


Its purpose is to help reinvent the industry through new technologies, with a focus on reducing the impacts of plastics and microplastics on the oceans.


The program aims to identify, qualify and apply innovative technologies to REPLACE, REDUCE and REUSE polymers throughout their production cycle in the INDUSTRY, in order to avoid their negative impacts.


Finding technological, innovative and sustainable solutions that allow a gradual transformation in the polymer industries and their value chain through the engagement of entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability and new economic initiatives.

1 – To ADD polymer industries and their value chain to the program, along with their specific challenges and objectives

2 – To search for innovative and technological startups and global universities SOLUTIONS that can solve these challenges

3 – To CONNECT the best industry challenging solutions to generate sustainable innovation, with a focus on ROI and impact efficiency



The program provides a true open innovation experience through the development of relationships with startups and their innovative and sustainable solutions, aligned with ESG best practices.

It also allows for more assertive marketing aimed at new economy audiences and consumers.

Why join Voice of the Oceans and the Global Open Innovation Program for Polymers?


  • Open innovation via startups is a new global reality that brings serendipity and ensures agility in solving complex problems, in addition to gradually reinventing businesses.
  • Joining the Program is an excellent opportunity to identify and expand sustainable alternatives to accelerate the reduction of impacts arising from polymers.
  • It also offers the opportunity to co-create solutions with hundreds of qualified and jointly chosen global startups, with a strong trend towards sustainable innovation
  • Finally, bearing ROI in mind, the Program aims to enable real and applicable solutions to “here and now” challenges, allowing Industries to maintain sustainable growth strategies and a positive market position.


Spin is the first and largest Startup+Industry innovation platform in Brazil (hardware and software), the largest accelerator in Santa Catarina (TechSC/KPMG) and also one of the ten best accelerators in the country (it got 2018, 2019 and 2020 Startup Awards).

With operations in Sao Paulo, Paraná and Santa Catarina, Spin is an official partner of the Stanford Research Institute for the entire national territory and aims to bring together innovative startups, industries in transformation and investors interested in creating exponential businesses.

To find out more, just visit the website www.spin.capital, the social networks (@spin.capital) or the innovation platform www.exponencial.vc.