Art as a form of expression, awareness, engagement and source to viabilize the
transformation! From new possibilities growing through technology, Voice of the Oceans
amplifies its strength and acting.


Sustainable Crypto and Art to save the oceans!

Voice of the oceans dives into the NFT universe with fundraising campaigns. With the
collaboration of worldwide artists selling their arts in favor of the initiative, using sustainable
The cryptos being utilized (Tezos and Ethereum) are 100% sustainable, they use the Proof
Of Stake technology. Being part of the campaign, you help the Planet, the artists and all that
without damaging the environment.
We made a partnership with 8 worldwide artists, which resulted in an exclusive collection of
artworks made especially for Voice of the Oceans.
Our next NFT project will be focused on registers captured during the expedition and will be
minted on the marketplace Foundation.

The Voice of the Oceans Tezos NFT collection is available on this link


Collecting NFTs from VoO gives you the digital format of the artwork, having the possibility
to keep it or re-sell it. 25% of all the sellings go directly to the initiative led by the Schurmann

But what are NFTs? We made a Glossary:


NFTs – short for Non-Fungible Tokens, they are files inserted permanently in a Blockchain.
The NFTs bring for social movements a new perspective to spread and fundraise through

Token – digital representation of a file, it can be an Art piece, propriety, crypto, etc.

Blockchain – a shared database that keeps all the transactions and interactions
transparently and permanently.

Mint – the name given to the process of inserting or creating a file in the Blockchain, like
“posting” a picture on Instagram.

List – give a price to the asset after the Mint.