Art as a form of expression, awareness, engagement and source to enable change! Starting from different cultural initiatives, Voz dos Oceanos expands its power and performance.


Sustainable cryptocurrencies invested in art to save the oceans!

Voz dos Oceanos dives into the NFT universe with a fundraising campaign based on artworks offered in support of the initiative with sustainable cryptocurrencies.

NEAR uses 100% sustainable cryptocurrencies, which means that when you participate in the campaign, you help the planet water without harming the environment.

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In collaboration with BeeTogether and Friendly Sea Creatures, it has a fundraising campaign based on the blockchain NEAR Protocol. Curated by BeeTogether, Brazilian and international plastic artists are invited to produce NFTs (photos) with a theme related to the Voice of the Oceans cause, that is, the invasion of garbage, mainly single-use plastic in the oceans or the fascinating landscape of our planet water. The entire collection of Friendly Sea Creatures is traded in the crypto space. By purchasing an NFT, you, as an investor, take over the exclusive intellectual rights to the real work that has just been converted into an NFT.

As a buyer, you own the digital format and can keep it under your control or offer it to potential buyers. It’s worth noting that 25% of the value of each transaction goes back to the Schurmann family- led initiative. The partnership also allows you to use your cryptocurrencies from the NEAR ecosystem for direct donations to the Voz dos Oceanos Institute (voiceoftheoceans.near wallet). There will also be a special artistic campaign coming soon, the “Friendly Turtles”.


NFT – stands for non-fungible token in English.

Token – digital representation of an asset, issued on a blockchain. Examples of assets: cash, artwork, and property.

Fungible asset – it may be “replaced by others of the same species, quality and quantity”, as provided for in the Brazilian Civil Code.

Blockchain – large shared database recording user transactions.

Cryptocurrencies – specific type of token.