It’s not just the beach landscape that is being blighted by plastic waste. Marine life, the environment, the economy and our health also suffer.

You do not even have to go far: Just stick your foot in the sand to see beaches filled with trash. Worse, the plastic waste that enters the oceans is ingested by marine animals and returns to us through the food chain.

You got that right. If marine animals do not get caught in the trash and die, they consume the micro- and nanoplastics and are then consumed by us. Many studies already show that the consequences for our health are alarming.

Meanwhile, landscapes are being destroyed, ocean life is being suppressed, and the economy is also seeing ships. The oceans play an active and important role in sustaining the environment. They produce oxygen, shop carbon and maintain the thermal balance in the world. In short, the oceans keep us alive!

Well, trash on beaches does not just spoil the pretty picture we wanted to post. It’s a problem that already threatens many lives, and if nothing is done, it will get worse in the future.



Animals face the destruction of their own habitat, ingest plastic waste, and even get tangled in garbage.

It is estimated a loss of 259 to 695 million euros, mainly for the tourism and fishing sectors. I think this data could be researched and updated by our BI.

We are all exposed to marine pollution and ingest chemicals through the food chain.

Recycling one million tons of plastic is equivalent to neutralizing the carbon footprint of one million cars.

The transformation