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The Voice of the Oceans Institute was born from an initiative of the Schurmann Family and their philanthropic entity, which, for more than 20 years, has been contributing to the maintenance of the socio-environmental quality of the marine scenario. Thus, it launched the mission of generating impact, knowledge, and education by sharing innovative solutions capable of inspiring and transforming people, companies and governments around the world. During its first two years, the focus is the reduction of plastic and its invasive and polluting journey in the oceans. The Voice of the Oceans Institute believes in the development of a global transformation for the oceans in the 21st century. We do it seriously, with creativity and in collaboration with a team of specialists.

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The Schurmann Family was the first Brazilian family to travel around the world aboard a sailboat and to repeat the feat three times, so far. Accordingly, it is known and recognized as one of the main navigation references in Brazil and abroad. Its trajectory and adventures are intimately linked to a genuine passion: love and respect for the Oceans. Because they have been living in the world’s seassince 1984, the sailors go beyond the admiration and defense of the marine environment in order to become part of this important ecosystem. During this most recent circumnavigation, the Schurmann Family is reinforcing its commitment as the caretaker of this great heritage, using all its experience and influence – which includes uniting and adding voices – to help the Oceans even more actively. By working together with a group of great minds and innovators, the sailors brought leadership an initiative from Brazil to the world, hoping to transform the reality of the seas on the planet. This is the Voice of the Oceans!

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