With Voice of the Oceans, Schurmann Family and Globo expand their partnership to produce multiplatform content


In addition to the monthly feature on ‘Fantástico’, the expedition is also present on other fronts of TV Globo. Sponsored by Kaiak, by Natura, with the support of GALERIA, the project also includes a dedicated content hub for the brand on the ‘Fantástico’ website and a series on Canal Off

A new journey begins. The Schurmann family – Vilfredo, Heloisa and Wilhelm – and Globo are expanding their partnership in an unprecedented agreement, bringing the saga of the Voz dos Oceanos global expedition to the company’s various channels and platforms. All this to tell the incredible journey of the sailing ship Kat, which will sail for two years to 60 destinations, including 11 Brazilian cities. As with other family adventures since the 1990s, the new expedition will again be shown in ‘Fantástico’. But this time, the partnership is also present in other Globo attractions and platforms. Sponsored by the fragrance Kaiak, by Natura and with the support of the GALERIA agency, the project also includes, for example, the creation of a customized content hub for the brand on the ‘Fantástico’ website and a series on Canal Off.

“With each trip, we strengthen even more our relationship with Globo, who considers Voz dos Oceanos an important social awareness initiative. To make this great project possible, Kaiak from Natura, who is already a sponsor of the expedition, has also agreed to join us on this media trip. The fact that this is a multi-platform project allows people to follow each discovery and destination that the sailboat heads for in an interactive and dynamic way, and to get involved in the need for urgent action to restore and preserve the waters,” points out David Schurmann, filmmaker and CEO of Voice of the Oceans.

Multiplatform broadcast

‘Fantástico’ will publish monthly footage with content recorded by the Voz dos Oceanos audiovisual team and permanent crew during the expedition, as well as a customized block vignette and posts on the program’s social networks. In addition, audiovisual content will be produced in the next two years, distributed throughout the program and shown at intervals of attractions such as ‘Bom Dia Brasil’, ‘Malhação’, ‘Temperatura Máxima’, ‘Caldeirão’, ‘Altas Horas’, ‘ Jornal Hoje’ and ‘Encontro’, in which the Schurmann family recently participated and in which Voz dos Oceanos, the sailboat Kat and some spoilers about the adventure and the image of ‘Fantástico’ were presented.

Voz dos Oceanos will also be a content platform for the Group’s subscription channels. At GloboNews, the image will remain in the new edition of the Sunday attraction. The project also includes a series for Canal Off. Quarterly episodes will portray the expedition in a log format, showing the background and daily life of the trip, in addition to posts on the channel’s social networks. There will be a total of 8 episodes over the two years. The first episode will be aired on 12/07. In the digital environment, the ‘Fantástico’ website on g1 will have a hub of content tailored to the brand, including a logbook and infographics through which users can follow the journey of the Schurmann family.

“We know that 80% of our audience is very interested in environmental issues. That’s why we are proud to present a cross-platform project that brings together several of our content solutions to foster a debate that is so necessary and urgent for our planet,” emphasized Herbert Zeizer, Commercial Director for Consumer Products at Globo. “This is another great example of a 360° project focusing on platform integration and delivering the message to the public at multiple touch points.”

“The Kaiak brand turns 25 this year and reaffirms its commitment to the oceans by asking us to take a more conscious look at the waste we generate and its impact on our waters. That’s why we have partnered with Expedition Voz dos Oceanos to support this commitment. The partnership with Globo and the overall multiplatform experience adds even more power to this goal by increasing the reach of the content produced during the expedition and raising public awareness of such an important cause. We are very pleased to contribute to the Voz dos Oceanos project with this support,” says Fernanda Rol, Marketing Director of Natura in Brazil.

For Paulo Ilha, GALERIA’s ChiefMedia Officer, the partnership makes tangible the innovative media that is the face of the new agency he and his partners have created. “Our approach, which comes from a creative and project vision, goes beyond channels. We study cultural trends that are gaining strength, such as concern for the environment, and translate them into concrete contexts, from a brand with a real purpose, such as Natura, and strategies that make the message resonate with the same legitimacy. The result creates meaning, generates conversation and feeds off data intelligence to become increasingly relevant to society,” he says.

It’s worth remembering that the partnership between the Schurmann family and Globo began in 1997, when the Magalhães Global Adventure Expedition became part of ‘Fantástico’. In 2014, they also made Expedição Oriente an attraction of the program. With Voz dos Oceanos, the Schurmanns and the Globo team have designed an even bigger project, made possible by Kaiak of Natura. It goes even further, this time involving other programs, formats and platforms, all in an integrated way and guided by an intelligent evaluation of Globo data to analyze content performance and achieve better distribution to the final audience.

The first details of the expedition were already presented in August in an article in ‘Fantástico’. On October 3, Voz dos Oceanos will debut in the program in a monthly framework. From that date, all the other fronts of the project will also be broadcast.


By Yara Oliveira