Cryptocurrencies and plastic art united to save and preserve the oceans

In the cultural field, there were important initiatives that transcended geographical boundaries and mobilised different peoples for the same cause. In 1985, for example, dozens of established artists – including Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Tina Turner – joined in the chorus of the single “We Are The World,” which raised nearly $100 million to fight hunger and homelessness in Africa. That same year, Elton John, Madonna, Queen and U2 were among the attractions of “Live Aid,” performing concerts on stages in London and Philadelphia that are estimated to have raised more than $195 million for the campaign against famine in Ethiopia.

Forty years ago, selling records and hosting music concerts were some of the alternatives for the physical manifestation of solidarity-based art – something that preceded the examples of the 1980s and continues today. As barriers are overcome by the digitization of the universe, including in the cultural realm, new opportunities arise to support humanitarian and environmental causes. As the Voice of the Oceans expedition, supported globally by the UN Environment Programme, embarks on its journey through international waters, the initiative is partnering with BeeTogether and Friendly Sea Creatures for a fundraising campaign based on the NEAR Protocol Blockchain.

Curated by BeeTogether, international plastic artists are invited to produce NFTs (photographs) with a theme related to the Voice of the Oceans’ cause, i.e. the invasion of trash, mainly single-use plastic, in the oceans or the fascinating scenario of our planet water. The entire collection of Friendly Sea Creatures is traded in crypto. By purchasing an NFT, the investor acquires the exclusive intellectual rights to the real work that has just been transformed into an NFT.

The buyer acquires the digital format and can keep it under his domain or offer it to potential buyers. It is worth noting that 25% of the value of each transaction will be returned to the initiative led by the Schurmann family. The partnership also foresees a special artistic campaign, “Friendly Turtles”, and already allows investors to use their cryptocurrencies from the NEAR ecosystem for direct donations to the Voz dos Oceanos Institute (voz dos Oceanos wallet). It is important to note that NEAR uses 100% sustainable cryptocurrencies, meaning that supporting Planet Water does not harm the Earth’s environment.

For João Amaral, Operations Director of Voz dos Oceanos, by entering the universe of NFTs, the initiative can expand its artistic collection in solidarity with other works, such as games, music and paintings. The executive also highlights the potential impetus that this market can give to environmental projects such as Voice of the Oceans, pointing out that “Jack Dorsey, the president of Twitter, in 2021 will make his first

Tweet as an NFT for about $2.9 million. That same year, Beeple’s digital artwork ‘Crossroad’ sold for $6.6 million.


By Yara Oliveira