Voice of the Oceans


We want to talk. We want to open a dialogue about how the pollution of the seas is already a serious problem and how it desperately needs our attention. It’s not just the beaches that get ugly. It’s the animals that get trapped and get hurt by our garbage. And, worse than that, they are feeding on plastic waste. Then we are the ones who ingest this waste through the food chain and our health suffers, too. Plastic is part of our diet; we just can’t see it with the naked eye.


And this is not the only problem we have ahead. The micro and nano plastics that are in the seas end up creating a barrier that prevents the oceans from playing their role in environmental preservation, such as producing oxygen and maintaining the climate balance. There is also the economic factor: trillions of dollars lost every year.


Can you grasp the scale of the problem? That’s why we need to talk. Also, we need to exchange information, rethink our behavior and our ways of consumption. That environmental disaster, which was always said to be far in the future, is already happening. We need to take action immediately. It’s not a question of saving the future – we need to save our present.


For this dialogue to happen, we need to hear the Voice of the Oceans. So, let’s set out on a journey for you to hear what the seas have to say. We were born with the mission to be the Voice of the Oceans.